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Founded in 2000 by DJ Leonidas Vranakis and DJ Nikos Alatas (Voted Best European Wedding DJs),

Wedding Djs Cyprus is an awarded company that offers premium entertainment services for any type of event.


In simple terms, it is the personal vision of Leonidas Vranakis and Nikos Alatas, two world class wedding djs located in Cyprus & Greece.


We joined forces in order to offer creative options for weddings and events, covering two of the most important axes of event management:

Music (Wedding DJs) and audiovisual coverage (Sound - Lighting).



Entertaining couples and guests from around the globe is what we do best.

Wedding DJs Cyprus is internationally known as a unique team of experts, having the knowledge to organize a memorable “talk of the town” wedding party in Cyprus.

Apart from the skills, the expertise and the technology, we put shine, passion and above all commitment, so that our couples and their beloved family and friends, won’t miss a thing!


Planning a wedding in Cyprus? Let us help you get the party started. Get in touch and let’s make yours an event to remember.

We have been packing dancefloors for more than 30 years and we love it.

Our vision is to create happiness by providing the finest in destination wedding entertainment in Cyprus and Greece since the early 90s.


Your dream wedding, from dusk till dawn!


Let the party started!

No doubt that Greece is the favorite destination at the board of departures,for millions of people.


Planning happy moments in Greece and especially your wedding, is beyond a fairytale. We enter into that fairytale, to set the rhythm, the beat, the sounds it deserves to blast!


Our ambition is to carry away every single one, to have everyone on his feet, filled with the magic of the music and dancing until sunrise. We own all the expertise and high-technology to guaranty not only the party of your life but above all the equipment security.

“It’s all Greek to me!”

How many times you’ve shouted that, in complete despair!

No strange that Greek language is mentioned to describe a situation unbelievably complicated - you don’t even need to explain your hesitations or doubts, about planning a wedding in Greece.

The key word though, of our philosophy, about treating our clientsis “understanding”. You don’t even need to mention that never being in Greece, not even that you want the best solution possible – we already know that, and all we want for you is nothing but the BEST!

We can communicate perfectly in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabian and use all the online tools available to discuss with you, plan and organize the wedding of your dreams. We have all the knowledge needed about the local market, community and culture and we are able to skip every little “trap” that could cause a last minute problem.

The sooner we plan your big day together, the better for us to organize and predict every single detail. 

Our offices (Cyprus, Greece, UK, USA)

We are located in several places, as a part of our strategy to solve everything as soon as possible, for that we own offices in Limassol, Nicosia, Athens, Mykonos, Spetses, Naxos, London, New York.


Our wide range of account managers, guaranties our 24-hour exclusive service and attention. We constantly keep up with our clients, updating and discussing with them every single detail. You can easily call us “detail control freaks”! We consider this as a compliment.

In fact, we care more that you imagine, about the impact of our cooperation in your lives. We certainly want to be mentioned, while talking with friends, as your “right hand”, as the ones who treated you like a child, who made you huff relieved, the ones that could easily propose to anyone who plans to marry in Greece.


That’s our reward actually, a smile of satisfaction and a really sincere handshake. Planning the locations, the catering, the ceremonial, the music, the lights, the special effects, is certainly important. But the most important for us is to always being available to hear you, to make every last minute change you wish, to struggle for the best solutions, to treat you like our best friend.

Say Hello!

Feel free to contact and discuss with us. You’ll soon realize, that these Greeks right here, are crazy - yet crazy to plan and perform outstanding shows, unique wedding parties, precious moments and lots of smiles!


We are thrilled to face your best wedding challenge -you are most welcome!

Simplu email us, dancingincyprus@gmail.com

Welcome to Cyprus, let's rock!

Leonidas Vranakis, Nikos Alatas

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